My Health Insurance Rant – I Can’t Get My Meds!

26 May

My Health Insurance

(Update) As of today I am still lapsed with no insurance and my meds are at the pharmacy waiting on me. It has been nearly 2 months already and numerous calls have been made to my lazy case worker. My mom called today and talked to a supervisor. The supervisor was about as helpful as the case worker. She said that my case worker will get to my application when she gets to it.

In other words she said “we are lazy asses and we don’t care that you cannot get your meds or see a doctor”. They have no rush or urgency and they know most of the people are very ill like myself and need their medication on time monthly. This pisses me off that they can just decide to do nothing all day and let your application sit and collect dust.

What is the point of getting the application in early if it just sits in a “get to later” pile. You think being a member already they could just go on a computer and hit a “re-activate” button and I would be active. Again I firmly believe the people who work for the county think of us (county insurance patients) as low-life scum so why should they help us in a hurry.

When I worked at better jobs then the case workers have I treated everyone equal. I never had a job where I never had a deadline. Apparently the county has no deadlines only lazy ass workers.I have worked over 10 years as a higher up manager and if it were me my case worker wold be looking for a new job and her supervisor (want to be manager) too.


I currently have a free medical insurance that I was awarded through my County since I have been disabled and have had zero income for 3 years. I am very thankful for the insurance and they have done a lot for me but there are some issues.

My gripe is that they always let my insurance lapse. I am currently lapsed and cannot see any doctors and cannot get my prescriptions since they are not covered at the moment. This really hinders my treatment plan when I run out of meds and cannot afford to pay $4000 for one prescription.

The County insurance is set up where you fill out a large application and if you are approved you get insurance for 6 months. When that 6 months is coming to an end they will only allow you to reapply for the insurance 1 month before it expires. I have had this insurance for over 2 years now and every time they let my insurance lapse.

I turned the application in right on time. When my mom went down to the local county office the case worker handling my application said she was 3 months behind on catching up with applications. So due to this one lady being so far behind 100’s of people are uninsured. Many of those uninsured are very ill (like myself) and need their meds or need a doctors care frequently.

I expect my insurance to be lapsed for at least 3 months even though I filled out the application and sent it in a month early. I don’t get how they do not have more help to get the applications caught up. What if somebody died while waiting?

Most people cannot afford to pay $4000 for one prescription when they need 5-10 prescriptions a month. And we cannot afford to pay for any medical visits to a doctor or ER out-of-pocket while waiting for insurance even though they may back pay.

It seems like they lack care since this insurance is for the poor and lower class patients. There should be a since of urgency.

This insurance has denied almost every Lyme med I have tried to get from the pharmacy. I am to ill to speak on the phone but my poor mom has to fight with my insurance for hours to try and get the meds covered. In the end usually 25% of my meds are covered after fighting.

I have to go to a Free Clinic which is an old building with maybe 2 rooms to accommodate patients. Every time I go there it is standing room only even though I cannot stand. Nobody ever offers me a seat even when I had my severe neck pain from herniated discs and I was grunting in pain.

Wait times can be from a minimum 1 hour up to 3.5 hours with an appointment! There is only one doctor I can see and have no other choices. The one doctor I see is creepy and never believes a word I say.I guess maybe I just expect more but it seems like just because you are considered poor they can be as slow and crappy as they want to be.

Each doctor visit the doctor always thinks I am just after pain pills and not really sick. She thinks this because there are a lot of ex-cons and ex-felons who have the same cheap insurance I do and they always ask for Oxy. The waiting room at this free clinic is full of known gang members. I feel out of place when I go and very uncomfortable.

Although I appreciate having medical insurance and feel blessed at the same time there is a bunch of bs to put up with. I wish the County would treat their people with a little more respect and urgency.  I cannot wait until my Medicare card is active.



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