May Is Ending – Spread The Awareness

26 May

Lyme Awareness Month

As May is ending very soon I hope that you all tried your best to spread the word about Lyme disease. I know many of us are bedridden and very ill so this can be difficult. Just spreading the word to friends and family can be helpful. Even lying in bed and posting Lyme awareness on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest it can be seen by millions of people.

I want to thank all of those who work hard everyday to get the word out there and fight for our Lyme rights. We appreciate what you do even though we may never meet. Keep up the good work.

There has be an increase of Lyme related topics this year on TV, the internet and in the media. I think we got the word out there this year. I hope we helped save some lives and keep people from suffering from this horrible disease as we do.

This year I was able to write to Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, write to my paper and had my story published, and I have spread the word to all my family and friends. A few of my friends said my Lyme posts are “annoying” or “that is all I focus on” but I don’t care. If I save someone from getting Lyme it is worth any negative comments I receive. When you suffer as bad as we do you can’t help but to warn others.

Now we all need to save our strength for next May. I will try to make it to the Lyme walk coming in September but I cannot be in the sun. I hope to make so I can meet others and support Lyme in any way.



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