Raising Awareness – “Lyme Disease Is A Serious Threat”

20 May


Lyme Disease Is A Serious Threat

After my Lyme awareness story made it in the paper earlier in the week, I was surprised to see another story on Lyme made it into Sunday’s newspaper. The new story read “lyme disease is a serious threat” and it talks about my story and a response from Dorothy, Vice President of lymedisease.org.

I am really pleased that my local newspaper is taking the Lyme awareness seriously and getting the word out there. This is going to be a rough season and I expect a record number of Lyme and co’s cases coming soon.

I took persistence and patience to get my story in the paper. My first email to the paper was ignored. So a few weeks later I wrote to 3 different staff members for our local paper. I finally had a response a week later from a staff member who sympathized with me that Lyme disease sounds horrible.

She told me she would forward my story to another coworker. 2 weeks later I received a call and the paper wanted to do the interview and shoot pictures that day and within 2 hours. I was in a dead REM sleep so I had to get up and try to remember everything I needed to say. I printed out a lot of information from various web sites including lymedisease.org.

May is Lyme awareness month and I encourage you to try to get your stories published. It was a very quick and easy interview. I was very exhausted afterward and slept for hours but it was worth it to get the word out there and save others.


Click HERE to view the newspaper article in Sundays paper.

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Here is the story from the paper if you don’t want to use the links:


Lyme disease is a serious threat

Published by The Reporter
Posted:   05/20/2012 01:04:22 AM PDT


Thank you for your article highlighting the experience of a Vacaville man with Lyme disease (“Raising awareness: Vacaville man fights with Lyme,” May 17). As Bryan Sanders found out, Lyme can be hard to diagnose, especially when the microbes have had time to get deeply entrenched in the body. Because there’s a widespread misperception that Lyme and other tick-borne diseases are not present in California, doctors here may not look for it. Thus, patients such as Sanders may go years without proper diagnosis and treatment.

Tick-borne diseases can cause a host of serious health problems, sometimes leading to lifelong disability.

If you spend time outdoors, for either work or play, you need to know about ticks and how to avoid them. They often hang out in wooded areas and grassy meadows. Nymphal (immature) ticks may be found in leaf litter, on fallen logs and tree trunks. Adult ticks like to perch on the tips of brush and long grasses, waiting for their next blood meal to come along. (You or your dog?) Researchers at Berkeley’s Tilden Park found Lyme-infected ticks on the underside of wooden picnic tables and benches.

What to do? Wear protective clothing and insect repellent. Check yourself, your children and your pets frequently for ticks, promptly removing any that may have latched on. If you develop a rash, flu-like symptoms or other health symptoms, even if you don’t recall a bite, you should be evaluated for tick-borne diseases. Early treatment is best. More

information about all of this on our website, www.lymedisease.org.

Dorothy Leland, vice president






One Response to “Raising Awareness – “Lyme Disease Is A Serious Threat””

  1. Zilla of the Resistance May 21, 2012 at 8:11 am #

    Well done! Thank you for your persistence in getting the word out and the great work that you do here at your blog!

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