My Lyme Story Goes Public – Lyme Inside

18 May

(Above – Just a sample of my prescriptions and supplements)

My Lyme Awareness Makes Front Page Of My Local  Paper

I want to first thank the Vacaville Reporter for publishing my Lyme disease story and spreading the word. My goal was to reach those who may think ticks are no big deal and let them know what one small tick bite can cause.I do not want others to suffer like many of us do and deal with all the political BS.

I want to clear things up since I have heard some negative feedback about my story in the paper. I did not do this story to gain recognition or ask for money in any way. It was not intended as a pity party or a feel sorry for me type of thing. I do have an LLMD and I am being taken care of.

People take a positive story and try to manipulate it into something negative and hateful. I simply wanted to share my story which is similar to almost everyone I know in he Lyme community. I am a shy person and did not want attention but my message is simple “beware of ticks”. I spread the word of Lyme awareness on social media sites so I figures the newspaper was another great tool.

The staff writer did a good job of writing the article. There are some errors but that is to be expected when dealing with Lyme in the media. I did mention Under Our Skin and many other important issues that did not make it in the article. I know they only have limited space to write all the information given during the interview. I am happy to just get the word out there.

I have already had strangers reaching out for help and others wanting to give me great information on Lyme disease. I appreciate all of the positive postings, calls and emails received.Thank you to everyone and for all the Lyme suffers my story was for you.

I have noise sensitivity and my cognitive issues hinder my talking skills on a phone. So if anyone would like to contact me I love emails and will gladly respond to all.

Here is my contact email address:


Click HERE to vie the article about my Lyme story and awareness.



2 Responses to “My Lyme Story Goes Public – Lyme Inside”

  1. food, health and happiness May 18, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    awesome. absolutely awesome!

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