A Thank You To All My Blog Guests

15 May

A Big Thank You!

Today I had a record number of visits (1900) in just one day and I felt humbled that so many people are visiting my blog. I started this blog as a personal diary and it soon turned into a place to share my thoughts, ideas, treatment and Lyme awareness. I am very ill and it is difficult for me to express what I want to say into words at times. I have very brief windows of time where I feel well enough to post. It is difficult to edit what I post and make sure everything is legit so bare with me.

Even if you found this blog by accident I still thank you for stopping by for that brief moment. I will try to post as often as I can and post any Lyme news as it becomes available. I hope you were able to gain some knowledge from this blog or learn something new. If you don’t agree with something I write I am very open-minded so what I say may not be something I am 100% sure of myself.

I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and I hope you are all finding relief with your Lyme journey.

Take care and get better soon,

Bryan (Lyme Inside)



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