Another Idiot Taking A Shot At The Chronic Lyme Community

9 May


“Doctor” To The Lyme Community Via IMDb – Under Our Skin

Today I read an email asking for help. It was from a fellow Lymie who pointed out that there is another doctor taking shots at us in the Lyme community. This doctor claims “chronic lyme is made up and a scam” and “you’ll find that your so-claimed illness doesn’t exist”. This so-called doctor is making his comments public on the IMDb web site for the Under Our Skin movie.You can read his rude comments below.

I say we educate this “doctor” (dr_faristuta) and shut him up. I really cannot stand people like this and I want to expose them. They hide behind a computer making claims and making fun of the sick and disabled. What kind of doctor’s are these people? Not one i would ever make an appointment with! Please comments on the IMDb message board and let’s stick together and help back Staephanie.

You can see all of this “doctor’s” comments and his conversation HERE or click the link below.


(look for dr_faristuta posts)


(scroll to bottom where it says message board)


Here is what Dr. Faristuta Wrote on the IMDb Under Our Skin Message Board:

by dr_faristuta (Mon Sep 12 2011 00:00:39)

The movie unfortunately is one-sided and ignores many facts. Some of these facts is that patients have died because they were placed on long-term antibiotics. Some doctors in fact went to jail for injecting patients with chemicals that have been banned from the US for longer than 50 years because of their toxicity.

The film doesn’t disclose a clear fact that all these patients with post-Lyme disease have no evidence at all of the bacteria. The very few labs that test for the bacteria use methods that are accustomed to be positive in 90% of cases. Owners of these labs are health-care workers involved in treating the patients who think have Lyme disease.

A large group of these patients (120 of them) with this syndrome who wanted to be treated for Lyme disease had their sputum, urine, blood and cerebrospinal fluid examined for the Lyme disease bacteria and it didn’t show in ANY of them.

I don’t think these patients are faking their symptoms, but it’s not caused by Lyme disease. Look somewhere else.

by dr_faristuta (Sat Jan 7 2012 06:07:42)

You’re not a victim of Lyme disease, you’re a victim of pharmaceutical compmanies and doctors who earn a HUGE living from preying on victims like you. Lyme disease is real but the “chronic Lyme disease” is a scam, only a way to help doctors to get money from you

by dr_faristuta (Sat Jan 7 2012 06:10:50)

My opinion is based on SCIENCE. AIDs gets treated and there’s proof because science proves it. The T-cell count improves and patients with HIV live much longer and don’t die from infections like they used to be.

However patients with “Chronic Lyme” whatever that invented disease is DO NOT GET BETTER. They keep visiting doctors, throw their money around, try one medication after another, do a gazillion tests that are sent to suspicious labs that tend to report all tests as positive tests, and they still don’t get better. That’s something the movie doesn’t address: SCIENCE

by dr_faristuta (Sat Feb 11 2012 14:17:17)

I studied infectious diseases for nine years, and I studied exactly what these doctors do. They convince a depressed patient that they have Lyme disease, and they send their blood tests to labs that run very old tests for Lyme that have an 85% false positive rate on blood cultures, thus many patients are labelled mistakenly as having Lyme disease.

Yes antibiotics are essential for people with Lyme disease, the problem is that most people who you think have Lyme disease do not actually have it. Nothing in their labs obtained from theri blood, urine, CSF, salvia…etc shows any evidence of Lyme disease.

These doctors that “are risking their licence” have made millions of dollars mis-diagnosing patients intentionally to make a buck out of them. I don’t understand how were they allowed to practise medicine for that long without any evidence to anything they were doing.

That “seeing it with your eyes” is not a scientific evidence to anything. I’ve seen many people die from resistant bacteria “superbugs” that evolve as a result of use of ceftriaxone and other antibiotics in treating patients who are presumed to have Lyme disease. I’ve seen one patient who had her colon removed a s aside effect from antibiotics given for “Lyme disease”.

I am open to any scientific data that can prove me wrong, everything logical and scientific is on my side but I am open to any study that shows that I am wrong and I am willing to reverse my position immediately. But there is NOTHING that supports your claims or anyt of the BS mentioned in the movie. It just plays on the emotions of people suffering from chronic illnesses that are not Lyme disease

by dr_faristuta 1 day ago (Mon May 7 2012 21:37:37)

You refer me to studies done by your “Lyme community” , where blood tests are sent to doctors who own those labs.

If you look at independent studies, done by professors at universities and academic centers, by those who have no conflict of interest, you’ll find that your so-claimed illness doesn’t exist.

I’ll leave the Lyme community alone when the Lyme community leave those with depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD alone instead of telling them they have Lyme


(screen shot from IMDb Message Board – conversation between Lyme patient and supposed “Doctor”)


12 Responses to “Another Idiot Taking A Shot At The Chronic Lyme Community”

  1. Rosemary October 19, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    I got a positive IgM western blot from lab Corp in July 2012. Is this a lab that Dr Faristuta likes. I live in Wilmington NC and can’t get my ID doctor Sincock to treat me, instead he felt the need to run a new one at Stonybrook University in NY, which came in standards but I had 2bands present after taking 28 days of Keflex for a UTI while in Italy. I told him I didn’t think it would be a good test since I had been on Abs and I was not when I had LabCorps done. When does this shit end!! Since I got a letter from our Health Dept, I thought I would call them for a reference as to who will treat, since they call me first before my PCP to inform me of my test. They seem to want to know all about it, but that’s it. Still waiting for a call. Now I have a positive IgG for Bartonella from Mayo Jacksonville but My ID doctor Sincock wanted to run a new LabCorp PCR test, you guessed it. I guess LabCorp is good enough this time but not for Lyme. Does he not think what he is doing is not noticeable. I think a judge could see through this, he only believes the lab he wants. I had a know tick bite in July of 2010, and a doctor visit to test for Lyme 2 mtgs later to prove it. All the symbols and positive Mayo and Lab Corp Tests. are these the tests Dr Faristuta likes????????If so I ll go to him.

    • 49erBry October 20, 2012 at 1:13 am #

      You will need a test through IGenex and you can have the blood collected from Lab Corp or Quest but it must be sent to IGeneX. If you test come back positive there is no need to send out for another test to reconfirm, sounds like you need a new doctor and if you can find a Lyme Literate Doctor (LLMD) because any primary care, specialists…etc will all deny that you have Lyme or coinfections. Don’t take any of there BS. I can’t say if you have Lyme or not for sure but an LLMD will know by a physical diagnoses of your symptoms. Have you ruled out all other possibilities? I went through rigorous blood tests, MRI, CT Scans…etc ruling out MS, Lupus, Tumors, ALS, Parkinson’s before I made my Lyme diagnoses myself and had it confirmed.

      But yes Lab Corp does a CD57 test and they are Lyme friendly so there is no reason he shouldn’t believe their tests. I too got the runaround for years and years before I had enough and decided to research myself. You can only here “oh you just have IBS”, “oh you just have arthritis even though you are only 20 years old”….and so on before you think “why are they not looking at the big picture, I’m falling apart for a reason find that reason”. Good luck with everything.

      • philliop October 29, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

        HI would like to know what treatment you are taking
        from someone trying to find a way through the maze

      • 49erBry October 29, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

        Hi, here is my current treatment but I must say in 2 years nothing has worked. Good luck to you

        Current Treatment Plan:

        A-Bart (20 drops twice a day – herbal dropper for Bartonella)

        A-Bab (herbal dropper for Babesia)

        Cryptolepis (3 droppers full – herbal dropper for Babesia)

        Ketoconazole 2% (apply to Candida area)

        Clindamycin 300mg (2 pills 2 times daily for Babesia)

        Coartem (4 caps twice a day for 2 weeks, pulsing 3/3 – used for Babesia/Malaria)

        Biaxin (for my 2 pneumoniae bugs)

        Coartem (for inflammation, Lupus, RA and Malaria)

        Artemisinin (for Babesia and parasites)

        Meriva 500 (2 pills twice a day for inflammation)

        Fluconazole 200mg (1 pill per day for candida/yeast caused by abx)

        Folapro (for my MTHFR)

        Glutathione (for my MTHFR)

        VSL#3 (continue taking 3-4 times daily to keep from getting C-Diff)

        Florastor (probiotic to help with abx)

        Cholestyramine (a binder to help with intestinal issues)

        *I will continue to take Milk Thistle, Chanca Piedra (which are both important for cleaning out the liver/kidneys), 600 mg DHA, Vit B-Complex, Vit C, Vit B12, and a few other supplements.

        Stopped This Med:

        Suprax 400mg (1 pill daily)

  2. Clarice March 31, 2013 at 12:59 am #

    What do you think of Mepron? I just finished my 3rd bottle of it but I really don’t see any difference in my symptoms. I tried Zithro with it but read that it has something in it which slows the heart down. Because I have a Mitral Valve Prolapse I stopped it and only took the Mepron, Am now at a loss with what to do. I have Babesia, tick bite last July -2012. Had another bite May 2011 but it was resolved with doxy. I am so tired of it all as I know all we Lymies are. Diet is difficult to determine and so it goes. At any rate, what is your opinion of Mepron, I really do not look forward to 1,181.00 a bottle if it isn’t going to help. Thank heaven I have good insurance so that it’s not all out of pocket. Thank you for any info you may have.

    • 49erBry April 1, 2013 at 12:24 am #

      I actually liked Mepron and will be asking to go back on it. I feel it was the only thing that really started to help my Babesia. I had 2-3 “good days” when I was on it where my head seem clear and I was able to walk outside for a while. Just make sure you stop any CoQ10. And be sure you are eating your 20-30 grams of proper fats or it won’t absorb correctly. Good luck. I wouldn’t pay the $1000 – $1500 a bottle though that’s why I had to stop.

  3. Marie Sprowl November 15, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Hi I’m a chronic Lyme patient who completed long term abx (11 months) 4 months ago. So, I’m the last person who wants to be unsupportive or controversial on a Lyme blog for people just like me. My heart goes out to those who unlike myself were unable to get $50,000 worth of Lyme treatment pd in full by my ins co and was able to get treated by an ID doc.who is very well versed in Lyme and co and who has numerous patient awards, top notch Dr awards, and most compassionate Dr award for 10 yrs in a row.

    With that said, I agree w some of the doctors comments (sorry, being honest.)
    The doc may want to note however that the Nov/2012 Rhesus Monkey study is the proof of persistent Lyme, that wasn’t available when he posted earlier in Feb 2012.

    I guess because I didn’t have to go through the Dr/ins co fight while I was so ill it allowed me to be objective to reading/researching everything on both sides of the Lyme aisle. I don’t mean to invalidate anyone else’s path or thoughts. I’m certain that my IDSA board certified ID doc feels that those IDSA guidelines are way off base. But that doesn’t mean the other side has all the facts either. Without going on too long here, even as a lay person I was able to discern that certain things they espouse do not ring true. I’m a moderate thinking both sides need to improve. I know if I listed specifics I could make my point clearer, but I don’t want to upset sick people, so forgive me if I sound “too general.”

    I think the CDC under treats Lyme and needs to adjust the criteria some, and not be so rigid as to the geography of ticks and Lyme. However, I have issues w the overly liberal dx and tx of Lyme that sometimes lacks evidenced based science, promotes use of fraudulent labs (search fraudulent labs and you will see who this includes.) Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts….c’mon making up new WB bands and creating fake criteria to assure more positive Lyme tests ???? (I know it’s really all the top notch national labs that are wrong w their ‘faulty test’ according to some in Lyme land.) I’m very worried about my fellow Lymies in groups, blogs and forums who are exploited with high out of pocket costs, by docs who fly below the radar and use non FDA approved private labs and sell supplements galore to their patients. But I don’t fault the ill desperate patients seeking relief from them after main stream doc threw them to the wolves.
    I believe both sides have valid info and furthering the cure and advocacy of Lyme (not Lyme docs) is the true cause.

    I also want to point out that the Dr who posted was correct re the people who died from bizarre cures and over the top tx, and docs who lost licenses and went to prison for medical malpractice……that is true. I do not feel their motives were altruistic at all. Hopefully those quakes don’t represent the majority of docs from either side of Lyme.Lastly, I want to say that most of us when we search the web are more likely to find our info from forums and LLMD articles because the CDC, FDA, and IDSA are gov agencies that don’t hang out on the internet. Unfortunately much of the peer reviewed articles are only for sale/purchase on line, so we don’t get to see the evidence and reasoning behind tests, studies, guidelines and policies that are written. My Dr is test and study happy so I’m lucky I got my fill of info from prestigious medical journals because he prints out tons of copies for me when I talk about Lyme or ask questions.
    It’s not that I agree w all that info, but it provides me with info to compare and contrast. I’m not a troll and I do not work, represent any school of thought or side. In fact my personality tends to take strong stances on things I’m passionate about, like politics. I’m usually not middle of the road. BUT I am fanatic about integrity, honesty and pure intentions. I think it’s important to have 100% faith in your Dr (no matter the side lol) if not listen to your gut ! I’m just a Lymie that has gotten better and reads way too much !

    Wishing you all healing and positive energy.
    Marie 🙂

    • Rich Lee April 17, 2014 at 9:57 am #

      Marie, Very thoughtful words. I am not a LLM.D. and refer out my patients for treatment of Lyme disease. However, as a primary care physician for almost 25 years, I see my share of patients with real lyme disease as well as patients who were overtreated for presumed lyme disease. Some of these patients had other conditions such as real CFS, HHV6 viral infections or autoimmune vasculitis that were told they had Lyme disease. Some actually did have Lyme disease, but the treatments did not address these other conditions.
      None of my patients with chronic Lyme disease have been hospitalized or died as a result of their Lyme infection. However, 2 were recently hospitalized in the ICU with near fatal complications of their intravenous treatments using PIC lines or port catheters placed by their LLMD physicians as part of lengthy protocols that cost them between $5000 and $10,000 a month. Worst of all, is the tragic death of my friend, Dr. Elanor Hynote, who died Last December of port sepsis from her Lyme disease antibiotic treatment.
      On balance, I think it’s pretty sad that I see more mortality and severe morbidity from aggressive treatment of Lyme disease than the actual disease itself. We have enough trouble with costly deaths of patient’s due to unnecessary treatments from conventional medicine. I would hope and expect that the same would not be true of patient’s who are supposed to be treated by physicians who are more careful, compassionate and open-minded. As a physician was trying to refer my patients the best possible experts and treatment protocols, I am of the impression that the LLMD physician community needs to get a better grip on designing safer and more effective standardized protocols as well as accurate assessment of treatment outcomes. I fear that the LLMD physician community has fallen prey to the same financially dysfunctional practices as the mainstream medical community:

      Ps. Marie, can you tell us who treated your Lyme disease?

  4. Bruce simons December 6, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    Just reading the drs comments. I can see where you are frustrated. However he might be doing u a favor. This lyme guys get alot of money from you. Alot. And the cure??? Nah they dont have it. The best case scenario is youll get treated for 1-3 years on meds. Think your better but when the meds go away your back to square one. Personally ive never been depressed in a bad mood or anything and only had anxiety occassionally. I am very crippled…. Can barely walk, memory, rashes etc, headache and this list could go on for days…… But the experts say no disease go to shrink…..and while i disagree sometimes the fact is if you lymies take a xanax just one time…… U might rethink lyme….anxiety, depression anx ptsd all causes of somatic symptoms….and sometimes emotional and genetic things manifest themselves physically. I will confirm the only thing u can do is exercise, vitamin d, and medication……though i havent found one close to helping me yet.

  5. Kate April 30, 2014 at 11:14 pm #

    I realize this is a little late but I just found this blog, it’s incredible by the way, and I had a lot to say after reading this particular section. So if I could say something to this doctor and any other idiot doctor it would be the following (also I apologize for the salty attitude)

    1. I am an engineer and I am a very rational person. I need proofs in order to accept a theory. Thank you to the person who posted the monkey experiment I thought of doing that before I saw your posts.

    2. I had symptoms for 6 years of mental issues such as anxiety, depression, lack of motivation etc. I went to therapy, I tried everything to get better. I tried to ration my way out of my depression by quantifying what is good in my life vs bad and why I should be a very happy person. “Facts” would lead you to believe that I am happy and discredit depression wouldn’t it? (I’ll come back to me later)

    3. My mother has chronic lyme disease, and my close friend is currently in “remission” (it’s in quotes because when you have chronic lyme relapses are common, I know from experience). They both experience Lyme symptoms physically and I saw them suffer.

    My friend played college basketball and went from working out three times a day to confined to a wheel chair, with swollen knees and pain so severe, a once healthy athlete could not even walk. The doctors diagnosed him with Gout, STD’s, and numerous doctors told my friend, sitting in a wheel chair, that he was fine and it was all in his head. Well, unless he had multiple personality disorder, and he was allergic to strawberries, and his knees swelling was an allergic reaction, I’d say it wasn’t all in his head. And to give you the “facts” or the proof that you so pride yourself on, he finally found a doctor who was committed to helping him get better, without judgement, just pure dedication and faith. Despite all of his lab work resulting in negative Lyme tests this doctor (who was not a Lyme specialist) decided to treat my friend as though he had Lyme and the tests were positive. He did this based on the “fact” that the accuracy of the test depends upon the stage of disease, and the doctor with good judgement decided that there is a chance the test was defective.

    A little math proof for you to understand the probability of defective Lyme tests on my one friend.

    Let X be the random variable and x be the number of “successes” (number of defects in this case)
    FInd the probability that my friend received a defective Lyme test, in doing so disprove “facts” over and over again

    number of Lyme tests, n= 8
    number of defective Lyme tests, x=7 (that means only one was positive, it was when they took fluid from his swollen knees and tested that)

    two outcome test follows a binomial distribution


    Sum b(x;n,p)=b(7,8,.875)=.8322

    According to this one individual, he had an 83.22% chance of having an incorrect Lyme test. Of course this is a ridiculous case and only accounts for one person so all it really tells us is that he was very unlucky, and in order to find out the real accuracy of the test we would need to study a much larger sample. But I just wanted to show in numbers some facts for your understanding.

    My friend was first treated with doxy which is pretty typical for Lyme disease, can also be used for other bacterial infections, as a doctor I’m sure you are aware of that. The antibiotics, after 6 months, had no affect on my friends health, this meant two things, it was not Lyme or the treatment was not severe enough. My friend then decided to go on the pic line, which I assume you know what a pic line is as well, but the doctor treating him had never treated a patient with Lyme with this method before. He took a chance and it paid off. Within 3 weeks of being on the pic line my friend recovered. He is playing basketball again and says he feel perfectly healthy. Lyme disease changed his life. He never had Gout, or an STD, and it wasn’t all in his head. Lyme treatment, chronic severe Lyme treatment, the kind you said kills people, the kind that saved my friends life, cured him. So if you still think the facts are as clear as can be, then I have to say, you are not a scientist. As Albert Einstein said “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”

    3. So back to me, before I was diagnosed with Lyme disease I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, ADHD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, night terrors, chronic sinusitis, chronic swollen lymph nodes.. you get the point. I was very unhealthy. My mother suggested I had Lyme disease, seeing as these are all possible symptoms of Lyme and there was no other obvious root cause to all my problems, other than “making it up” she had a valid hypothesis. However, I like you, was a skeptic. I was angry with her because I felt she was belittling my mental health problems by attributing it to Lyme. I saw how Lyme made her physically weak, and my friend, physically impaired, and hypothesized that I couldn’t have Lyme because my symptoms were different. Not a valid hypothesis, stupid actually. That’s like saying a green apple and a red apple can’t both be apples because of the different outside appearance.

    My mother tricked me into going to a Lyme specialist, where my manners forced me into staying through the appointment and getting lab work done. Lucky me, all my tests came back positive. I still remember that phone call, where I was, who I was with and the feeling I had in my stomach when I was told. I was shocked, in disbelief, and saddened because I knew that I had to face what I had been denying, and I knew how hard it was going to be because I had seen what it had done to my friend and to my mother. Anyway, along with the Lyme test being positive, so was Babesia, that’s a sometimes fatal illness which is similar to malaria and needs to be treated for months in order to get rid of it. One of it’s biggest symptoms, you guessed it, depression. I was treated for seven months with antibiotics and mepron, and after the seven months, your factual tests came back negative for Babesia, and remained positive for Lyme. I no longer have depression, and I no longer have Babesia, I can conclude that depression was if not caused by, was instigated by this co-infection.

    As for Lyme, it’s been 2 years since I was diagnosed, I have been treated on and off for months at a time, different doctors, different medications, and I get my blood tested monthly. I still have Lyme disease and I know this because the tests are positive without failure, and because I still feel ill. Two very important considerations when establishing whether or not chronic Lyme disease is real. Because very few instruments are completely accurate, the probability of defects always exists, and that’s why the human aspect to validation is so important when interpreting results of technology.

    If I could leave you with anything, if you or anyone else reads this, don’t judge people. Because whether or not they are the mass opinion they could be the right one, there is always a chance whether its a mathematical statistic or trust, have faith in people.

    • 49er Bryan May 2, 2014 at 1:25 am #

      well said and I agree, never judge anyone for they all may be battling things we never will see.

    • 49er Bryan May 2, 2014 at 1:25 am #

      well said and I agree, never judge anyone for they all may be battling things we never will see.

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