Where I Buy Supplements For My Lyme and Co’s

20 Apr


Raintree Health

I have been using some supplements from Raintree. Raintree uses products from the Amazon that are Lyme and Coinfection specific. I currently use  Amazon Spiro which is to help kill the Spirochetes. They have product for Mycoplasm, Viruses, Immune, Prostate, Organs, cancer you name it. I highly recommend visiting their website and checking out their unique product.



Find out more about Amazon Spiro in a write up HERE

You can find out more about Raintree Health HERE







Swanson Health Products

I buy all of my supplements from Swanson. They have discount codes on their facebook page and on their product catalog they send out each month. I love using the buy one get one offers to save money. They have some stuff for $1.50 at times. If you bought this stuff in the store it would cost 3 times the amount. The prices change monthly so if it’s $5 one week it may be $2.99 the next or buy one at $5 and get one free so it’s a good way to stock up.

There are other sources and I use my Amazon Prime account buy some stuff but Swanson has been very reliable and has great customer service. I have a whole pharmacy on my dresser.


**I am in no way being paid to advertise for either company I am just sharing the information.





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