Under Our Skin – Lyme Disease Film

14 Apr

Under Our Skin – Film

I will keep this short and simple….. If you think you may have Lyme disease or you already have been diagnosed and haven’t seen this film then buy it, rent it or watch it for free. This film will help with family and friends if you want to show them that there are others just like you. It will open-eyes and educate those who have no idea what the truth about Lyme disease is.

To learn more about Under Our Skin visit their web site HERE.



Buy the DVD from the Under Our Skin Store

Buy Under Our Skin DVD HERE


You can stream the Under Our Skin movie from these services:

Under Our Skin streaming on  Hulu click HERE (Free w/ commercials)

Under Our Skin streaming from Amazon Video click HERE

Amazon Video: $3.99 Rental for 48 hours or buy for $14.99 or watch it for free if you are an Amazon Prime member. Preview the Trailer on the link above.

Not sure if it is available yet on Netflix since I canceled my membership but you can watch Under Our Skin on Netflix HERE

You can also find clips on YouTube.








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