Another Uneducated Posting/ Rant About “Chronic” Lyme Disease

11 Apr



So today I saw a friends posting about this guy named Stephen Budiansky who posted this rant about chronic Lyme disease and doctors who are quacks…blah blah. I didn’t even want to read it after seeing how uneducated this guy was with Lyme disease.Why do people speak out about something they know so little about and poke fun at us sick people. He has no idea what we go through.

He seems like a very lonely, pathetic and angry man. Please read his blog below for yourself and if you disagree with him let him know about it.

Click HERE to view this idiots blog posting:

Here is his contact info:


Here is just a sample of what this guy worte –

“In fact, Lyme disease is easily diagnosed and quickly and completely treated by any general practitioner by following the readily available consensus guidelines from IDSA published in 2006 and based on a complete review of the scientific literature and clinical practice. The very phrase “Lyme-literate” is a bogus invention of the fringe practitioners trying to promote themselves and their quack views about diagnosis and treatment”.

– Stephen Budiansky (April 10, 2012)



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