Dr. Phil – Chronic Lyme Disease Episode (Airing April 13, 2012)

10 Apr


Mark the date and set your DVR’s to record…..

I’m sure you have already heard the good news that DR. Phil will be airing a segment on Chronic Lyme disease. This episode is labeled “Deadly Consequences“. Click HERE to view the message board and more info on Dr. Phil’s web site. This episode will air on Friday, April 13th 2012.

Among the guests are Lyme survivor and TV weathercaster Brooke Landau, along with two additional Lyme patients. Chitra Bhakti, MD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor/ LLMD) is said to take on IDSA’s Dr. Paul Auwaerter.

I hope this will help educate the world a little more on chronic/late-Stage Lyme disease and go in our favor. We already saw what one infectious disease (IDSA) Doctor said about us chronic lyme sufferers as I blew the whistle on him HERE in March. I hope this IDSA Doctor on Dr. Phil shows some sympathy and agrees there is chronic/late-stage lyme disease!


Here’s a preview of the Dr. Phil show “Deadly Consequences” –



Here is what I found on the IDSA web site said to be posted by IDSA’s Dr. Paul Auwaerter (I added the “false” because this is far from the truth):

  1. Most cases of Lyme disease are successfully treated with a few weeks of antibiotics. Using antibiotics for a very long time (months or years) does not offer superior results and in fact can be dangerous, because it can cause potentially fatal complications.  (FALSE!!)
  2. Approximately 95 percent of all cases of Lyme disease occur in the Northeast and the Upper Midwest. (FALSE!!)


Friday – April 13, 2012

Deadly Consequences

Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re dealing with serious illnesses that could have deadly outcomes. First, Annette says as a mother, she wants the right to euthanize her severely-disabled children, 42-year-old Jeffrey and 43-year-old Janet, who have been institutionalized for more than three decades with the rare genetic disorder, Sanfilippo Syndrome. Her only legal option is to remove their feeding tubes, which she says would lead to a painful and inhumane death. What would you do? Hear from acclaimed trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger on why he thinks the laws against euthanasia should be changed. Then, former model Stephanie Vostry, 25, says that she suffers from constant pain and seizures caused by what some doctors believe to be chronic Lyme disease, and others wonder if she’s faking. With natural medicine providing minimal relief, hear how she says she’s turned to self-medicating to dull her pain. Plus, chronic Lyme disease hits close to home for a Dr. Phil staff member and a San Diego weathercaster.

Check local listings for time and station in your area.

(from the DR. Phil website)



Thank you Dr. Phil for airing this, we appreciate it!


3 Responses to “Dr. Phil – Chronic Lyme Disease Episode (Airing April 13, 2012)”

  1. Teresa Powers April 13, 2012 at 2:07 pm #

    I would like to comment on the handicaped children. Hospice helps with sooner death, no food no drink and medicine to help death come sooner, why is that ok ? I know because it was done with my brother in law with our approval. I think it is ok and am grateful for hospice. Me and my husband are all for ending life with dignity.

  2. Susan June 1, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

    Please do more of these shows. I have tested positive four times in Canada — that’s right, not once, not twice, not three times, but four and still I am told I don’t have Lyme.

    I have numerous deadly diseases, many many Lyme symptoms, and a hundred percent likelihood of having contracted it due to past lifestyle.

    The Elisa test, which often tests negative in Lyme patients, showed that I was positive twice for three types of Lyme borellia: Burgdorferi, Afzellii, and Garinii.

    The Western blot test in Canada showed I tested equivocal on the IgG for Afzellii and negative on the IgM meaning I either have chronic Lyme or no Lyme.

    The IGENEX test showed the same.

    Despite dozens of Lyme symptoms as well as deadly diseases (cancer, large pituitary tumour, massive growth of feet, hands, nose, nosebridge, tooth spacing, etc, from acromegaly symptoms from my tumour that is now over 1 cm but acromegaly is not admitted) and falling falling blood platelets, cancer, serious and degenerative problems, high risk abnormal uterine cells, and a whole bunch of symptoms I’m now angrily revealing to the entire world in Dr. Murakami’s Lyme Chat forum, indluding all of my pictures and the ridiculous things doctors put in my records, including also painful feet, rectal bleeding, vaginal bleeding, muscle spasms, eye problems, lung scarring, fasle heart attacks etc. etc. no one can believe I am sick because I don’t look like the people in your videos. Only my lab reports, x-rays and MRIs do.

    This was why I kept every test as well as pictures. Doctors will be very angry when I post all of the shocking attitudes and errors (especially by specialists) which could take months if I’m not kicked off of the site.

    I’m not going to die lying down, because if I don’t have this disease, then it’s something far worse — possibly caused by the spraying for several years by agents orange, purple and white? You would think the country would be very concerned about such unusual diseases that cause so much damage in one patient.

    I’m beginning now to wonder why so much serious disease has been disregarded, unless it was actually sprayed on people along with those agents.

    They even had the gall to tell me in Alberta, that because Lyme tests are sent to the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg, it’s out of Alberta’s jurisdiction, meaning, I suppose that the reason they can’t and won’t send me the breakdown of the bands involved in the Western blot like IGENEX does, is because health officials in Alberta would first have to go through their members of parliament to do this! Ridiculous!

    Can you imagine a doctor having to call his member of parliament to advocate for his patients? Just how much would he get paid for that, and isn’t it a violation of privacy? Must MPs now be informed of the data patients are seeking from their doctors?

    It’s utterly shocking! Even my infectious disease specialist wasn’t allowed to see the breakdown of the bands. I had to get my doctor do do this and then the specialist could get them from him! Of course my doctor’s first reply was, “Well if the infectious disease specialist has no access, how could I get access?” I checked with Health Link and this was indeed the proper procedure. My doctor then faxed in the letter I had written but not signed, so he could sign it (because I knew he wouldn’t know anything about what bands were). Canadian doctors weren’t taught anything about Lyme.

    I clearly worded it on his behalf and it was sent to Alberta Lab Services requesting NOT copies of the Western blot tests again, but RATHER THE ACTUAL BLOOD BAND breakdown. The Canadian government will obviously not reveal this for any reason. In fact, it states in the Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network Guidelines, Section 4b, that the specific banding patterns seen on the western blot should not be reported. Why is this secrecy necessary? IGENEX has nothing to hide!

    Alberta has the highest number of MS cases in the world, almost, yet the lowest number of Lyme cases, (I think they only admit to 32 in all of the province’s history). I find this odd, as well as the claim that ticks stay out of the province because the weather is cold here, especially when Ontario, a province much colder, has so many more.

    A few months ago, my blood platlets were down to 90 from what I believe was once 185. Doctors said not to worry. They will simply inject more when they get down to 50.
    Fearing that they might instead, decide to remove my spleen, which could be most deadly if I also had the coinfection called Babesia, I also asked to be tested for Babesia, only to find out that no such test existed in Alberta. They could be at 70 by now.

    It took the lab 2 hours before I got the test, to answer my question when I discovered that Babesia was the only test listed under Malaria. I simply wanted to know if they were the same, and if so, why was one called Babesia and the other Malaria? I don’t think they ever did find out, even after calling the pathologist.

    Finally they decided to give me the test. The test came back stating N-O-T that I didn’t have Babesia, but that I didn’t have Malaria-like parasites. It also stated that they couldn’t say for sure because a few blood tests would have to be taken in a row for that. In other words, it was a complete waste of money and they had no way of testing for it.

    Unfortunately they won’t accept testing results of any other clinic in the world either. This silly Lyme war seems purposeful and deliberate to me. As long as each country assumes the other is so corrupt that its results can’t be tested, eugenics should work out just fine. I don’t think Lyme is hard to detect at all and this war is in place only to promote such eugenics.

    It scares me to death that half of the Canadian doctors still spell Lyme “LIME” and probably 95% wouldn’t even be able to name a single coinfection of Lyme, let alone the types of symptoms they might have (at least the most deadly) because most won’t even know the basic symptoms of Lyme.

    Lyme is still a big joke in most places, and anyone who is diagnosed as positive will have multiple comments put into their files suggesting they are crazy. These dangerous comments, which I will continue to post for weeks, under the name SMITTEN on Dr. Murakami’s chat forum, (have to read them from the bottom up in order to follow the conversation) can harm a patient for life, not only in the eyes of her own GP, but also in the eyes of any other doctor who will refuse to take any of their statements seriously and will probably help contribute to their deaths as a result.

    Lyme patients are continually mocked, degraded, and promoted as being crazy and this has to stop. Doctors need to be educated, and very quickly before thousands of us continue to die from many of Lyme’s subdiseases such as MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, lupus, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, serious muscle spasms, heart problems lung changes, breathing problems, cancers, skin changes, brain changes, and serious neurological disorders which even Infectious Disease specialists refuse to recognize.

    When I die I want my records posted along with my name. I’m not hiding even what might be considered embarrassing medical problems and/or comments because the world needs to know.

    Too often I hear that people are sick with mysterious blood disorders. There’s nothing mysterious about it. Afzellii has been shown to destroy mouse blood, as well as Babesia, and Lyme overall is known to attack epithelial cells.

    I’m firmly convinced that Lyme is at the basis of most world diseases today, which is probably why the 1/3 of the world now has TB, much of it incurable, and why there are so many MS cases. Despite many symptoms of both of these diseases, doctors won’t think to test for them either.

    Ehrlichiosis also now appears to have staunch connections with cancers, so I’m sick of having them tell me they have to cut more and more pieces out of me without addressing the Lyme. (See Envita website and others). It’s like taking the water out of a flooding boat with a glass instead of plugging the leak.

    From the last report I read, from WHO, I believe it was estimated that 10% of the world has Lyme. This is only because many doctors don’t report it and even when it is reported, it is often ignored or denied. I would go so far as to guess that probably 70% of the world now has it and, like me, they won’t know until it’s too late to treat.

    This is why Lyme was considered such wonderful biowarfare. It acted exactly like syphilis but was worse because it could so cleverly masquerade itself as a thousand different diseases, which would pile up on top of one another until patients became chronically ill or died, often 20 years later. Victims of warfare would never know what hit them until then, and by then it would be too late to treat.

    They claim that because only my IgG tests are positive while the IgM are negative, this indicates either only Lyme antibodies from Lyme that happily walked away on its own (like syphils would?) or that I have chronic Lyme. Either way, I won’t be recognized as positive and will therefore not qualify for treatment.

    The only way for a Lyme patient to be treated, even if he pays for his own tests, is through a naturalist. It’s also the only way he can be tested for other tests. This means that none of his expenses will be able to be claimed under income tax like the drugs of those who purchase chemicals to treat their diseases. It also means that Lyme patients will be denied handicap placards because they have no disease that’s accepted, and will not be able to write off any type of handicap equipment they buy, because they’re not considered sick. At least if I had developed AIDS, I would’ve been able to qualify for some type of reimbursement.

    Since I don’t have Lyme, I guess I can also donate blood and share drinks with people. (Borellia is often found in the mouth too I heard). The Red Cross can’t tell when a person is contaminated.

    I have also read reports that many cattle may also be infected with ticks now, which could contaminate their meat as well as their milk with Lyme, but I guess you had better be careful about mentioning that if you don’t want to be attacked by the Dairy industry like Oprah was.

    Jesse Ventura (ex-governor), did a fantastic and extremely informative show about Lyme disease and how Eric Traub, one of the scientists who worked for Himler, was imported into America during Operation Paper clip when they tried to import the best scientists from Germany before other countries got them.

    Eric Traub was known for his biowarfare of injecting mosquitoes and fleas with the Lyme in ticks, according to Jesse’s You Tube movie called Plum island. He was then put in charge of Plum Island in the USA, where there were a lot of careless accidents in this lab, which was one of 1300 experimental germ labs in the USA.

    Not long after that, there were many serious problems in a county in Connecticut, which were later found to be Lyme. So many people developed the disease that the entire country was renamed Lyme. From there it spread all over the Eastern USA and into Eastern Canada and is now spreading all over North America.

    I find it very hard to believe that this disease is still limited to fleas, or even that it may have been when it escaped from Plum Island. How can ticks spread it so fast unless they are multiplying by the millions? It’s my firm belief that this disease is now being spread by mosquitoes and fleas, just as was done in the last war as a result of Eric Traub’s experiments.

    Oh yes, and please check out not BEHIND THE EIGHTBALL, but UNDER THE EIGHTBALL, and watch what happened to innocent children in warfare experiments in Maryland. They were sprayed with Lyme. Their parents though they had volunteered their children for nicer things.

    I’m still suspicious about Lyme also being sprayed in Canada along with Agents Orange, purple, and white which I was sprayed with for several years in Gagetown. This might be why there is so much Lyme denial in Canada, and why provinces don’t want to accept the responsibility. They may feel it’s the Federal Government’s problem and the Federal government may feel its not. They never did settle the compensation for all of that spraying and likely won’t until all of the people sprayed in the 60’s and 70’s are dead. That’s usually when settlements are finished.

    It’s not never being compensated that bothers me so much as it is that I fear that because of the damage these agents caused and were known to cause, the government is too afraid to admit just how sick patient are so they will be penalized a second time by simply being left to die from multiple deadly diseases and no treatment.

    Thanks again for your great shows.


    PS. Dr. Murakami was the BC doctor who successfully treated many Lyme patients in BC to the point where many in permanent wheel chairs got out and were able to walk again. One day he instructed a nurse to give medicine to a patient and she slipped up. The patient died. Dr. Murakami then left the medical profession feeling harassed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and operates independently as a Lyme specialist today. Many doctors have been fired in the USA too, or threatened for handling this disease.

    As far as I know, there isn’t a single Lyme specialist in Canada in the medical profession, other than those who operate as naturopaths, and there is no intention to train any doctor regarding this — at least not in Alberta anyway; therefore they is absolutely no way for a patient to be treated in Canada without going that route.

    Dr. Murakami works hard to try to promote Lyme across Canada to some agencies who will hire him.

    In the meantime, the subject of Lyme is out of bounds for me and I’m not to discuss it again. I’m simply to just shut up and die quietly, which obviously I have no intentions of doing. If I’m going to be forced to die, my death won’t be silent.

    It’s not that I want 20 years of chemicals put into my body as the Alberta government suggested, because I really have no reason to trust doctors much anyway after all of this. It’s just that I think they should either be truthful and tell patients they have advanced Lyme and have therefore been selected for death row, or should reimburse them for any costs they have through naturopaths in the same manner as they receive reimbursement for various things through medical doctors.

    PPS. Is it really true that once a person has developed Lyme, it can simply walk away? Can syphilis do that too?

  3. Susan June 1, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

    Made a few mistakes, but I think you get the feeling. And no, the entire COUNTRY wasn’t renamed Lyme — only the COUNTY in Connecticut.

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