For My Lyme Sis – Juliana King

3 Apr


I met a sweet, caring, beautiful soul named Juliana King a little over a year ago while in a support group for Lyme disease. She is always inspiring and optimistic and she brings her sense of comfort to others. I felt a bond with her right away. As the months have passed I have got to know Juliana, her husband and son a little better. They are such a great family and  I have always wanted to have family like theirs one day. John is a strong husband and is there for Juliana each day through the best and worst of times. Johnny is there to bring  joy to his momma when she is feeling down and makes her laugh even while she is in pain. Juliana is my Lyme sister and John and Johnny are my new brothers.

Juliana is not doing too good and she can use all of our love, support, prayers or whatever you have to offer. Please keep her in mind and send her some love when you have a moment. She means so much to so many. I know she will fight through this set back as she has with many other medical issues in the past. Spring is here and I hope she will be out gardening soon and enjoying a beautiful spring day with the boys. We love you jewels. xoxo

If you would like to donate to help out Jewels and her family please visit the follow web page HERE. Please mark any donations as a “gift” and not as a “payment”. Thank you so much.


From Juliana’s Husband –

“Juliana is still doing very bad, I am at home with her and Johnny. Her windows are all blacked out, she has to lay in a dark room 24/7. We don’t have answers as to how long this meningitis will last. She is real sick and still has the lung collapse and the lung infections and the shingles and all her other crap. Things are bad and we need her to get better. She can’t play on her phone or watch TV just lay in the dark and pray to get better. When she got the meningitis she slept so much, I couldn’t believe it, well I could because she needs it. Friday night she went to bed at 8pm and slept until 2:30 the next afternoon. I wish I could do more to make her better, she has to get better. She is home with medical care and will go in if the brain swelling gets worse or she gets worse in general. Thanks for supporting our family”. – John


Picture: Jewels, Johnny, John (above) Awwww 🙂


Get well soon my Lyme sis. Hugs



One Response to “For My Lyme Sis – Juliana King”

  1. Ginny Gemmel October 4, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    Oh my, please tell Julianna that I’m praying for her, sending her hope, love and energy. Lyme robs so much from entire families. I also have Lyme and am currently going through IV therapy and I am pretty certain Shingles is erupting. Deep pain in my back/ chest has this far been ignored by my non literate Lyme doc. No doubt, yet another problem erupting. I had Lyme 13 years ago and was in bed for a year. Tell Julianna to fight on and she is doing something by resting.
    My thoughts and hugs go out to you all,

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