New Treatment – Herbal Tinctures

1 Apr

March 2012

I was starting to relapse and feel like I did before beginning treatment over one year ago. The head pressure was getting worse and I started having the only 5% of symptoms I never had before (testicle pain). So now I have 100% of all of the long list of symptoms of late stage Lyme and co’s. Yipee!

My new treatment is to help with my EpsteinBarr virus (EBV), Lyme disease, intestinal parasites and Babesia for now. The other coinfections (co’s) will be dealt with later.

New Treatment:

Mepron (Babesia)

Zithromax /Azithromycin

Malarone (Babesia when done with Mepron bottle)

Ivermectin 3mg (for intestinal parasites) (*stop Alinia)

Diatomaceous Earth (1 tsp twice per day)

Lyme Specific Tincture (1 tsp twice per day)

AEB Tincture/ Byron White A-EB/H6 (For EBV)

Pyralvex (mouth sores)

Zofran 4mg (nausea/vomitting)

Enzymatic Therapy B-Energy

CoQ10 400mg (twice per day)

5-HTP Spray (2 sprays under tongue at bedtime)

*The 5-HTP and CoQ10 are to help with depression and nightmares. While on Mepron and Malarone you have to stop CoQ10 since both meds starve the body of CoQ10 and help to kill off Babesia. While starving the body of CoQ10 one starts to have depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares and more. Therefore I need to build my CoQ10 back up since I was having nightmares.


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