IDSA – Infectious Disease Doctor’s Facebook Post to “Chronic Lyme Crowd” (Update)

16 Mar

(Update – Response)

Response from St. Luke’s hospital regarding Dr. Brett Shepard:

“St. Luke’s regrets that comments made by one of our physicians through his personal Facebook account offended many people reading the Infectious Diseases Society of America website. Dr. Shepard states he was not speaking on behalf of St. Luke’s and his comments are not reflective of St. Luke’s values.

Dr. Shepard is aware of the comments’ negative impact and wishes to apologize.

Kerri Mesia, MS, RHIA

QI/RM Specialist & Patient Advocate

St. Luke’s

(218) 249-5477

FAX (218) 249-5040


(UPDATE 03/16/12)

Today I got blocked again from the IDSA Facebook page for sticking up for a fellow Lymie and spreading the word of a rude doctor on their page. Many others were also blocked and all of “Dr.” Shepard’s (I use DR. loosely) posts were deleted as if he was never there. Well luckily I have these screen captures saved and posted on this blog. I spread the word via Twitter, Facebook and through friends to get this so called doctor’s words of hate to the public. I hope there is some punishment for his behavior.

This is just one of too many of these same type of stories I have heard of. I was fortunate enough  to see this one first hand and blow the whistle. These people are bullies and like to mock us or tell us we are “crazy”, “pill poppers” or “not chronically ill” just to name a few. They kick us while we are down and they have the power to do so. There is too much to get into on this blog and my cognitive issues will not allow me to write what I need to.

Dr. Arrogant … I mean Dr. Shepard was trolling on the IDSA Facebook page and just begging for someone from the Lyme disease community to say something back in hatred and off topic.  This guy has no class or morals and he should not be treating anyone with a serious illness in the state of mind he is in. I will fight to be heard and take down these doctors of hate. Chronic/Late-Stage Lyme disease is very real and these people at the IDSA need to get their heads out of their asses.


I’m not one to visit the IDSA Facebook page often but after I heard about a response to a fellow Lymies post I was a little upset. I decided to see what was going on. As I landed on the Facebook page of the IDSA I saw the first post had 2 comments. As I opened the comments I read the ignorant postings from the “guy” posted above. This guy is a M.D. specializing in Infectious disease medicine working at St. Luke’s in MN.  This is how he treats sick people? he must be fired! This needs to go viral.

Where is the caring and compassion for us Late-Stage/Chronic Lyme sufferers? Instead we get a smart ass response from a guy who thinks he is funny? If he works for the IDSA then we are all in bad hands. He wrote “chronic lyme” in quotations as if mocking us and saying there is no such thing as chronic lyme. What does he know. Apparently nothing like the rest of the IDSA.

Visit the IDSA Facebook page and see for yourself.

Here is the link or just click on the link above.


6 Responses to “IDSA – Infectious Disease Doctor’s Facebook Post to “Chronic Lyme Crowd” (Update)”

  1. vicky March 27, 2012 at 1:48 am #

    That is horrendous!

    • sliccc1 March 27, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

      I agree. He should come forward and apologize!

  2. Ed Zachary April 24, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

    Dr. Shepard will be rude, condescending, and malicious toward anyone he sees as beneath him, a threat to him, or who might be standing in the way of something he wants…

    including his own wife:

    • 49erBry April 25, 2012 at 1:01 am #

      He needs to be flushed down the toilet with the rest of those idiots. Thanks for the picture that is real nice of him!


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