Lyme disease doesn’t exist in Australia – Yes it does and here’s proof!!

26 Feb

Yes, Lyme disease exists and in nearly every Country!

This is a real eye opener and wake up call. This video reminds me of the struggles we Lyme sufferers face here in the United States. Australia does not believe Lyme disease exists in their Country. One man who was bitten hundreds of times over the years by ticks took pictures of his symptoms and found a LLMD who sent his blood work to IGeneX. His tests came back positive. He fought to receive Workers Comp and he finally won. That means a government branch actually believes in Lyme and is compensating him for it.

Watch at the end of the video (link posted below) where the reporter comments on how she asked health officials about Lyme disease and the responses they gave her. The reporter is obviously outraged and wants answers. Good for her!

“Despite the official line that Lyme disease doesn’t exist in Australia, one sufferer has fought for recognition and compensation, and won.” – Yahoo News (Tue, 21 Feb, 2012)




Video posted above


One Response to “Lyme disease doesn’t exist in Australia – Yes it does and here’s proof!!”

  1. Rico March 26, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    I live in California but I got my Lyme Disease in Australia 6 years ago. Queensland, to be more specific. I match the description by a doctor there who has seen nearly 200 patients that it’s primarily a neurological disease with a different presentation than either North America or,Europe. (The only patient he saw with arthritis was an Aussie who got Lyme while visiting Northern California.) I also got a case of Bartonella along with it. He says that all cases have required long term antibiotics.

    Few, if any of us test positive according to the CDC surveillance criteria suggesting it could be a species or genetic variation unique to Australia. Some initial tests in labs show consistency with b. garinii, b. valaisiana, and b.burgdorferi.

    It’s very clear it’s endemic in the country, but so far, government officials are hedging and doing little about it. Supposedly some state level health officials are doing research, but it’s not clear what at this point.

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