Losing Feeling In Arms – Neuropathy?

5 Feb


After a trip to the E.R. yesterday, I was diagnosed with Radiculopathy . We believe I have a ruptured disc in my C-Spine but they didn’t have an MRI to find out. I will have an MRI soon. I was hooked up to an IV for for fluids and a pain killer called Dilaudid which took away the pain within 20-30 minutes. I am told surgery most likely will not help or cure the pain so this pain may come and go the rest of my life. The pain is very severe and intense. Tears in the eyes and it is hard to catch your breath.

I also have a sore throat thats been feeling like strep throat for the past 3 months and after 30 days of Augmentin (Amoxicillin) I was not getting any relief. Turns out they think it is Epstein Barr/ Mono.


I woke up out of a restful sleep in pain 4 days ago. It was a deep tissue burning in my left shoulder, half of the left side of my neck and 1/4 of the way down my left arm. I have pain daily and I have felt severe pain frequently but this was enough to bring tears and make me grunt a little. It was almost as if someone had a hot iron and they were poking it in my shoulder deeper and deeper and I could move much. The pain lasted about 2 hours. My first thought was heart attack. But after research and after realizing Lyme causes so many symptoms I figure it was Lyme related. So I went back to sleep.

Later when I woke up I noticed my finger tips on my left had tingling and stinging. I went to take a shower and the water hit my left side and the skin literally feels like a burn or bad sun burn. It hurts to touch the skin from the left side of my neck down about 1/4 of my left arm.

The next morning I woke up around the same time as the day before in agony. My shoulder was burning again. I had a similar experience in the hospital when they accidentally overdosed me on potassium in my IV and my veins started burning. The pain was very intense and maybe a 12+ on a scale between 1-10. I can usually tolerate pain well but not this. After an hour or two the pain stopped. When I got up I noticed my whole left arm was now tingling, electric static feeling, stinging and numb.

Today I woke up and the pain wasn’t as bad but the skin still feels burnt. Now I have tingling and numbness in my right hand. The left hand feels even worse than the day before and my sense of touch is nearly gone so it is hard to type this. I feel like when you sit the wrong was and you leg falls asleep. Then you try to shake it off to get the blood circulating and the leg goes back to normal. Except in my case the arms won’t go back to normal, they feel asleep. There’s some sharp pain in my neck vertebrae.

I have Spinal Stenosis in my neck and my spine is almost kidney bean shaped in 2-3 vertebrae. This pain and symptoms could be from that but more than likely the Lyme disease is causing the problems. I believe what I have is some form of Mononeuropathy. I have heard of Lyme doing damage to the discs and fluid leaks out. I have an appointment to see a family doctor who more than likely will not believe in Lyme disease and she will refer me to a Neurologist. Last time it took 2-3 months to get an appointment.

Hope I don’t lose feeling in my right arm. It is really annoying and a constant buzzing, tingling feeling.


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