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Lyme disease doesn’t exist in Australia – Yes it does and here’s proof!!

26 Feb

Yes, Lyme disease exists and in nearly every Country!

This is a real eye opener and wake up call. This video reminds me of the struggles we Lyme sufferers face here in the United States. Australia does not believe Lyme disease exists in their Country. One man who was bitten hundreds of times over the years by ticks took pictures of his symptoms and found a LLMD who sent his blood work to IGeneX. His tests came back positive. He fought to receive Workers Comp and he finally won. That means a government branch actually believes in Lyme and is compensating him for it.

Watch at the end of the video (link posted below) where the reporter comments on how she asked health officials about Lyme disease and the responses they gave her. The reporter is obviously outraged and wants answers. Good for her!

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A Quick Lyme Disease Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

13 Feb

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Losing Feeling In Arms – Neuropathy?

5 Feb

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