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Met Dr. H – New Treatment

3 Sep

New Treatment

(feel like crap so I can’t write what I am thinking…)

I stopped antibiotics for 3 weeks to heal my stomach and colon. Well that was a mistake because Bartonella came back within 3 days in full force and is kicking my butt. Babesia is also leading the battle. I was told by Dr. H that he knows I have chronic Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, a parasite but now he thinks I have one more coinfection.

So to wrap it up….Bart and Babs are pissed-off at me and doing the most damage while my Lyme is hiding and nothing I have been taking has even got to the Lyme spiros. My Lyme is in adult stage and cyst form which is not good. It will be a long battle.

My new treatment plan:


Avelox (400 mg)



Crypto-Plus (Microbial Balancer #2)

Seroquel (to help me sleep more than 30 minutes a day)