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New Treatment – Ceftin

2 Aug


During last weeks visit I was put on a new treatment. I was having some bad days with diarrhea so I was told to stop Mepron and Artemsinin for now.I am drinking a lot more Kombucha and increased my probiotics (VLS#3) to 2 pills per day.

I am now taking 33 pills per day and I do feel a tiny bit of relief but I am not sure if my 2 year straight Fibromyalgia flare-up has finally calmed down or if the Lyme and co’s are dying off. My pain scale is still a level 8-11, still have 100% of every symptom full scale and I still feel like I have the flu daily. I just noticed the head pressure and shoulder/spine pain has let up a little.

My cognitive issues are getting worse though. I will take milk out of the refrigerator to get to my drink and forget to put it back. I will take my pills and forget within 2 minutes if I took them or not. I do not want to overdose on antibiotics. I will turn on the light switch and think it turns the shower on. I have turned the lights off while looking in the mirror thinking I was turning the lights up brighter (duh there is no dimmer switch).


My new treatment:

Zithromax (500 mg per day) *antibiotic

Rifampin (2 pills daily)

Cefuroxime (Ceftin) (1000 mg per day) *antibiotic

Add Artemisinin (400 mg)  back in 2 weeks

I added in Amazon Spiro pills and Chanca Piedra

I am also taking too many supplements to list.