Mepron/Zithro Combo – Babesia Die Off?

25 Jun

Mepron/Zithro Combo

After a long struggle to get my prescriptions covered I finally was able to have most of them covered by my insurance. They will only cover 10 Zithromax pills (it was 5) even though I need 30. They did cover the $1600 Mepron which was a huge relief.  The Rifampin was also covered.

I found out that the Rifampin turns urine reddish in color. I took one by accident and found that out. I am not supposed to start the Rifampin just yet. I gradually add them in 2 weeks after starting Mepron/Zithro combo.

It’s been nearly a week on Mepron and Zithromax. So far no side effects. I have been sweating and having some herxing. Mepron is bright yellow like paint by the way and it tasted similar to Chrloroseptic throat spray. It numbs you tongue just a bit.

While on Doxycycline I notice some tan colored quarter-sized rashes. It was Bartonella die off. Today I noticed many tiny red dots on my arm. They are like blood filled pin pricks. Very hard to see with the naked eye. These are Babesia die off I hope. I know Babs causes red bumps or rashes that are blood colored.

I am not feeling too well at the moment and still no increase in energy so I will keep this short. Just wanted to mark this down for a paper trail.


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