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Mepron/Zithro Combo – Babesia Die Off?

25 Jun

Mepron/Zithro Combo

After a long struggle to get my prescriptions covered I finally was able to have most of them covered by my insurance. They will only cover 10 Zithromax pills (it was 5) even though I need 30. They did cover the $1600 Mepron which was a huge relief.  The Rifampin was also covered.

I found out that the Rifampin turns urine reddish in color. I took one by accident and found that out. I am not supposed to start the Rifampin just yet. I gradually add them in 2 weeks after starting Mepron/Zithro combo.

It’s been nearly a week on Mepron and Zithromax. So far no side effects. I have been sweating and having some herxing. Mepron is bright yellow like paint by the way and it tasted similar to Chrloroseptic throat spray. It numbs you tongue just a bit.

While on Doxycycline I notice some tan colored quarter-sized rashes. It was Bartonella die off. Today I noticed many tiny red dots on my arm. They are like blood filled pin pricks. Very hard to see with the naked eye. These are Babesia die off I hope. I know Babs causes red bumps or rashes that are blood colored.

I am not feeling too well at the moment and still no increase in energy so I will keep this short. Just wanted to mark this down for a paper trail.

Chanca Piedra

11 Jun

Chanca Piedra

After a recommendation from a friend, I will be starting Chanca Piedra this week. I am told it can help get rid of Lyme and my few coinfections. I am also taking Artemisinin (4 days on and 3 days off) 800mg or 4 pills per day away from food. Chanca will also help clean and detoxify my kidneys and liver. I had a kidney stone a few years ago and that was the worst pain ever. Chanca is known as a stone breaker.

At this point I am still waiting to get my prescriptions covered. I am told that by a few people that Mepron didn’t work and causes severe depression. I am not sure if I still want to take it. I am happier trying natural herbs and supplements.

So I may start Rifampin/Zithromax/Artemisinin/Chanca Piedra combination by next week. If anyone knows of any of these pills counteracting please let me know.

Still Waiting….

5 Jun

The Bad

It’s been weeks and still no word on if my insurance will cover my new prescriptions or not. If I were to buy them now (not covered) they would cost me between $2500 – $3000 per month just for 3 medications. If I do get them covered they should be free or up to $13 per month. That’s a huge savings!

I have a County insurance called CMSP. They will only cover 5 pills of Zithromax because they have no idea it is used for Lyme treatment. The Mepron (liquid) and Rifampin are not covered at all. Mepron is $1658 for the suspension 750ml bottle. An agent for my insurance companies pharmacy said if my LLMD writes them a detailed letter of why I need all of these meds then they will consider covering my medication.

It should not come down to an insurance company asking why a doctor prescribed me certain medications and now it is my duty to have my doctor explain why. They should call my doctor and ask him why. Plus they should be a little more prompt since I was supposed to have already been on these meds as of 3 weeks ago. I just want to feel better without going into more debt.

After some faxing and phone calls, both sides dropped the ball. My doctor’s office forgot to fax the insurance company the letter after 2 weeks and the insurance company denied that I was covered when I was and still am. Now they are starting over. This is not guaranteed to cover my insurance but I am only trying to get them covered. If not my doctor will need to find 3 prescriptions that are covered. I don’t think there are that many anti Malaria drugs and Lyme meds out there to chose from.

The Good

I have started taking Artemisinin. I am trying to kill the parasites living in me and hoping it works. I found Artemisin for almost half of the price at a great web site called pure formulas. Here is the link:

I did receive some cash aid from a great program for low income people who had blood work done at IGeneX that was not covered by insurance. I received 755 of my out of pocket money back from my past blood panels. Since I have at least 3 blood draws per month this really helped me out a lot. I am so thankful for Lyme tap. If you paid out-of-pocket money for Lyme blood work through IGeneX and you meet the requirements you may get some of your money back. The link is below.