Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

1 May

Please take a moment to educate yourself on Lyme disease and be aware that this is an epidemic. Lyme sufferers like myself are going through a living hell and paying for huge medical bills. Lyme is not covered by insurance so doctor visits, meds and testing are not covered. We are all different but most of us do not and cannot leave the house. We live in constant pain and some are even dying from Lyme.

Please always check for ticks or any bites that leave a bulls eye rash. Mosquitoes, spiders, dust mites, fleas  and many other insects can give you Lyme or coinfections. It can also be passed congenitally. Be alert, be aware and spread the news that it is Lyme awareness month. It is time us Lyme disease sufferers get some help and relief. Thank you.

Video One

Video Two

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