Shooting Electric Pain In my Neck Lymph Nodes!

27 Apr

Update April, 2012 –

I am still having these electric shocks in my jaw, neck and mouth. It is from my late-stage Lyme and coinfections. I am kind of used to it by now but it is somewhat embarrassing at the dinner table with guests. I will say “ouch” and sit there with my mouth fully open waiting for the jolt to go away. Now it is triggered by my first drink or first bite of food. After that the shocks aren’t as bad. When people see me doing this they figure the food is hot but that is not the case. Although I do have a highly-sensitive mouth so any hot or cold food will burn my mouth. I have to eat food that is luke warm. I cannot eat any food just cooked or right out of the freezer.

Spring, 2011


In the past 2 months I have been having sharp shooting pains through my lymph nodes just below my ear and all the way down to my chin. The pain is triggered by food or drink. It can be sour, spicy…etc and it will send a shocking type of pain that causes me to stop eating for a minute and hold my mouth open. I would describe the pain almost like when you bite down on aluminum foil on one of your teeth with a  filling. Or for those who don’t have any fillings… it feels like a sharp jolt or an electric shock and stinging pain that slowly moves down to my jaw.

Yesterday and today I am having those same pains but all day long. I only slept an hour yesterday night due to the sharp, shocking pain radiating down my neck and jaw. It’s enough to jolt you awake. It would happen every 15 minutes or so. I hear the pain can be caused by thyroid or infections in the lymph nodes.

Lymph Nodes

I have been told that my swollen lymph nodes in my neck and jaw area are common with Lyme disease. I have had the swollen nodes for as long as I can remember (could be 10-20 years). It’s funny that none of my doctors in that many years have never felt my lymph nodes or mentioned anything about them being swollen.

My LLMD knows about them and he is the one who finally discovered the issue. I have Hypothyroidism so I don’t know if that can cause the swollen lymph nodes also. My new family doctor felt them and didn’t really say much about them except that they are swollen. She referred me to a new Rheumatologist and ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist.

2 Responses to “Shooting Electric Pain In my Neck Lymph Nodes!”

  1. Rob Wilson September 14, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    The pain you are experiencing is probably a sign of the Lyme spirochaete infecting the Trigeminal nerve which is one of the commonest places it goes in the nervous system- its more common in European than US Lyme- some people get a facial palsy, others get a severe pain syndrome like an atypical Trigeminal neuralgia- called Type 2 TN. The disease probably causes demyelination of the nerve that causes dysfunction and pain particularly triggered by chewing. After you start antibiotics if the focus of infection is in the Trigeminal nerve you can get sudden painful swelling of the lymph nodes under the jaw as part of a Herxheimer reaction. Once you are treated there is a slow recovery phase that involves remyelination – you will need to ensure you have sufficient Omega 3 in your diet to help the nerves recover normal function.

    • 49erBry September 30, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

      thanks for the info.

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