SSDI Update – Day 1

15 Apr

SSDI Denial Update – Day 1

Today I called Allsup SSDI Representation. They lady I spoke with was very nice and helpful. The call lasted about an hour. They ask for personal information to make sure you qualify. They also want to know that your case is worth representing.

In my case the agent said my case was “very severe” and she questioned why I was denied in the first place. She gave me some stats and said 65% of all SSDI applications are denied the first time.

Allsup said they were more than happy to represent me and feel I have a strong, winning case. If I win they will take 25% of my award (not to exceed $6000). If I lose then they take nothing. I strongly recommend working with a company like Allsup to help you get the money you deserve. They work much faster than an Attorney would.

The process can take anywhere from a month or two and up to a year or two depending on the situation. Court cases can be backlogged and court dates may take years to get. In my case this is appeal number one so no court hearing is necessary. If I am denied again Allsup will continue my case until I have a hearing and fight for me to win in court.

The great part is that they know people with disabilities like Lyme have enough stress and worries to deal with. They ask that all calls or letters from Social Security are forwarded to Allsup and they handle everything. There is no travel needed and we work via email, fax or snail mail. This is helpful since I can’t drive and never leave the house.

I will keep you updated of my progress. Let’s hope I see some income soon so I can pay some medical bills.


One Response to “SSDI Update – Day 1”

  1. sick42 April 15, 2011 at 2:02 am #

    That’s great news!

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