SSDI – Denial Letter for My Lyme…

14 Apr

SSDI Letter

* I’m herxing right now so this may not make sense.

I received my first denial letter from Social Security today. I applied back in October of 2010 and just received it today even though I am still being diagnosed and treated for Lyme coinfections. I was very organized and was I my own advocate. I turned in every medical report or paper I had and kept SS informed of every change. It cost me a lot of money just for making copies and paying for medical records.

No where on this pathetic letter does it mention that I have Lyme disease or Hypothyroidism. It’s funny that they left those two conditions out of my determination. The letter in a nutshell states “if you can walk and talk then you can work so find a job”. Seriously? I did put in literally over 360 applications back in 2009 and had one call back. I have a degree and 9 years of upper managerial experience. It’s not like jobs are plentiful anyway even if I were able to work.

They say my brain is healthy so I can get a “less demanding job”. It fails to mention all of the cognitive problems associated with Fibromyalgia and Lyme. The letter fails to mention my dyslexia, short term/ long term memory loss, me falling, me breaking both toes from being dizzy 24/7 and running into walls, me throwing things or can’t hold onto items without dropping them…etc.

The letter states “There is no evidence that show your tremors, dizziness, fatigue and IBS prevent you from working”. What about my spinal stenosis I need surgery for or I can be paralyzed from the neck down? What about Lyme and Fibro which make me confined to my parents house and living in a chair or bed for the past 2 years? It is basically saying “Hi, I sit at a desk and have no idea who you are and the struggles you go through daily but you do not sound sick to me”.

I’m pissed. I had at least 12 medical issues listed on my application and I added more during the process. I am still testing and finding more infections to add on. I cannot believe Lyme was overlooked on my application. Is Lyme not real to them? Take a walk in our shoes government.

My goal now is to hire and attorney and get an approval. I need Medicare and some kind of income. I have had no income since October of 2010 and during that time I paid $525 per month for COBRA benefits. Now I am flat broke and lost my car. I cannot drive anyway. I have a county provided medical insurance but it is horrible and they do not cover anything Lyme related. That means blood tests, stool tests, prescriptions and visits are all out of pocket and I can’t write them off. Right now I pay $1200 per month for my Lyme meds and follow up visits but that will go way up when I get an IV.

I had a good job and I have worked since the age of 16. I paid my taxes and social security and now when I need it they deny me. It’s a slap in the face. I know people who have never worked, chose drugs and were too lazy to do anything so they applied for federal help and they receive free money every month. The people that really need it and deserve it are denied the help. What is wrong with this picture?

Why would I quit a good job with full benefits and a 401k and sit at home inside for 2 years eating 15 pills a day if I was pretending to be sick? Do they consider that? I pass out, vomit, herx, use the restroom all day, chronic pain, have migraines daily and fall sometimes…. if I had a job which employer would put up with that?

I am fighting this so I will keep you informed of my progress. I am calling an attorney in the morning and hope this will be settled soon. I am in the negative and owe my aunt for all of her help. I feel so helpless and my pride is gone. Thank you USA for nothing.

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