Cognitive Problems

5 Apr

Cognitive Problems

I love movies and television shows. I watch my weekly shows such as CSI, NCIS and many others that one has to follow to get the story and find out who the murderer is. I used to follow along and pick up on clues with no problem. I also love movies that can get complex but I would get the story and love it.

Recently I watched ‘Inception”. A few years ago that movie would have blew my mind and I would have loved it. Watching this movie with Lyme… I was lost and just could not follow along. I am having trouble following my weekly shows and it’s almost like I am just staring at the TV. My dad will ask “what did he just say” and my reply is “I have no idea” and my dad says “aren’t you watching the show” to which I reply “yeah but I can’t follow along with their conversation”.

I used to love complexity but now with Lyme I like simplicity. I have books sitting on my dresser waiting for me to read them. I was in the middle of a ton of books before Lyme and I would read an 800 page book in months since I was at work most of the time. Now it takes me months to read a few pages it seems. I find big words hard to process and I find myself reading the same sentences over and over trying to get what I am reading. I like to read more than one book at a time so I have 6 books going right now but I just don’t feel well enough to read them.

I am starting to feel additional pain from a Fibro flare up or Lyme flare coming so this is all I have for now. I can’t believe I wrote this much. I hope it makes sense and I hope you do not mind the misspellings or poor grammar. 🙂

2 Responses to “Cognitive Problems”

  1. sick42 April 6, 2011 at 12:46 am #

    Inception was a great movie. I would live to watch it again because I can’t remember what the fudge happened!?!

  2. sick42 April 6, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    That was supposed to be a joke, but it’s true. It’s funny how we can find enjoyment in watching movies over and over because we can’t remember them. 🙂
    There is a silver edge to this dark cloud. 🙂

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