Day 6 – Herx Reaction?

14 Mar

Day Six

Here I am on day six of my treatment and as I write this I am very sweaty and clammy at the moment. It is really tough to write this but I want nothing but the truth and my true experience on this journal/blog.

Last night I had some very strange occurrences happening to my body throughout the night. I fell asleep around 6am and slept for maybe 15 minutes before I woke up covered in sweat. My arms, hands and fingers were all pulsing and stinging since apparently they had falling asleep during my rest. The hands falling asleep is nothing new and I have Fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel which would explain the numbness and pains. The unexplained part is why did this happen almost every 5 or so minutes while I tried to sleep?

Because of the pain that kept waking me up from hands being asleep too long I hardly slept. I have bad insomnia so again this is nothing new but it seemed like I slept less than usual. There were brief periods during my sleep (i use the word loosely) that I would feel giant beads of sweat drip down my back or chest. My head was also soaked in sweat.

A few hours in a then some weird throbbing pains started in my legs and back. I could almost feel my blood rushing through the artery in my left leg. Every 15 minutes or so I would have a pain or sensation almost like a blood clot in my legs and thighs. it would feel as if my veins were filling with blood and ready to burst and then the pain would go away as soon as it came on.

My neck started to become stiffer than usual and my body started to stiffen. I had a tension headache and more sweating off and on followed by chills. My blankets were soaked in sweat which turned cold as I threw the sheets off of me. I have had night sweats before but these seemed to be non-stop.

There was one point during my rest where I tried to get up for a drink of water and noticed my whole body was numb. I could not move and this scared me since I have spinal stenosis. I thought maybe paralysis had set in. After about 10 or so minutes I was able to get up and get that drink of water that I needed so badly. My mouth was bone dry and I was dehydrated.

I heard the cat meow at my door around the same time so I tried to get up and walk to the door. As I got up I felt a strange warm sensation flow down my body and I struggled to take a few steps to the door and open it. I started to feel dizzy and the room was spinning so I hurried and laid back down on my bed.

After feeling my stomach growling I was trying to motivate myself to get up and get something to eat. I finally got up and took my thyroid pill, brushed my teeth and sat in a chair to get my barrings for about 30 minutes. I felt as if my body was all rusty and I didn’t feel the need to talk for at least an hour. I have had sever Fibromyalgia and deal with the pain daily but this was even worse. I felt as if the Lyme disease was at war with my Fibromyalgia.

My neck and back are killing me and I have misspelled at least 50% of my words I just wrote so I am off to rest for a while and drink all my meds down. I don’t feel well enough to edit tonight. let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

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