12 Mar


(Update) Orange juice seems to be the best choice to mix the powder with. I can actually drink the mixture now without gagging.

The Lyme disease treatment calls for drinking some powdered drinks that are not very tasty. I take UltraInflamX and Intestimax together mixed  into one drink. It tastes like a tropical drink with shrimp flavor. The ingredient in one of them is crab and shrimp shells.

I was told to mix the powder with water and then try to drink it down. The first day i tried the water and nearly gagged every sip. The second day I tried mixing the powders with orange juice (Simply Orange) and that wasn’t bad. The third day I tried mixing it with blueberry and pomegranate juice, not bad but not great. After experimenting I found the orange juice to be the best combination.

I would also recommend having a absolutely full stomach when taking the Zithromax. The fuller the better. I even ate after taking the pill and it helped ease the stabbing pains.

More to come……


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