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Bartonella – Stretch Marks And Bumps

13 Jun


I have had these large red stretch marks on my body since I was a teen. I knew they were not from growing or from losing/gaining weight. They were always a mystery to me why one day they just appeared. Over time these stretch marks got bigger, redder and popped up in new places. My self esteem was very low in those days since my stomach looked like it had red tiger stripes.

I now know these stretch marks are caused by Bartonella. If you Google “Bartonella stretch marks” you will find some pictures. My stretch marks first appeared on my stomach. They run vertically from the waistline to just above my belly button. They are about 6″ long, 1/2′ wide and they are equally spaced. all together about 10 of them. They are bright red and jagged not straight lines.

The next set of stretch marks started to show up under my arm pits and the back of my arms. I have very thin, elastic type of skin so any place where the skin seem the thinnest there are marks. I have them on my inner thighs just under my groin. They also run down my back/spine and on my “love handles” which seems to be the most common place for the Bartonella marks to show up.

I also have had hundreds of little bumps on my forehead. They are almost like tiny zits that scab over and I scrub them off in the shower daily. Sometimes my forehead will be almost clear with no bumps and other times there are bumps all over and some are larger like zits. I also get these bumps down my back and they feel like sand granules all over my back. I can scrub them off with my sponge in the shower.

I am told these bumps are also Bartonella. They show up in the form of zits (with no white head). The common place for these bumps to show up are on the back and down the spine. You can get them all over the body.

My Lyme is in cyst form and biofilm and I have been noticing very hard little white zit type things on my face a lot lately. They are not zits and they will not pop. They are hard white perfectly round balls the size of a tiny zit but they do not have a reddish area surrounding them. I will see a white ball on my cheek or under my eye. They never go away.

I have taken a few out by using a needle and almost cutting them out. It takes a lot of work to get them out and some bleeding. I have to dig at them and finally the tiny hard white ball will come out. I wonder if this is a Lyme cyst?

So many wonderful little surprises with Lyme disease and coinfections.


Kefir – Probiotic And Immune Support Drink

11 Jun

Probiotic Drink With Health Benefits

I am a Kombucha drinker and have grown to like the taste but there are also other great probiotic and healthy drinks out there in the markets. Today while shopping for my Kombucha my mom brought me home a Kefir type of drink.

I am not a Kefir fan since I do not care for coconut water, milk, stevia or any other fake sugar substitutes. If you like coconut and stevia then you might like this drink. It has some great health benefits and it is not packed full of the bad stuff like other drinks. The best part is you are quenching your thirst while adding support to your digestive and immune systems.

This drink is not an original kefir which is made with fermented milk. This is a coconut water kefir with added fruit flavors. I had the strawberry, acai, coconut flavor. It has the taste of the coconut water, light fruit flavor with carbonation. I think of Kombucha and Kefir as soda for Lymies.

The drink along with Kombucha can be found at Nugget Markets and Whole Foods. The brand I discussed is made by KeVita.

Here are the health benefits according to the bottle:

“Strawberry Acai Coconut tastes like drinking a kiss! This sparkling delicious refreshment is a combination of coconut water, strawberries, acai fruit and certified organic KeVita™ culture.  Lightly sweetened with organic stevia, Strawberry Acai Coconut enhances digestive flora with live probiotic cultures.  All of the Coconut KeVita flavors are vegan and made with organic ingredients. Dairy, gluten, caffeine and soy free. Shake gently, drink with healthy pleasure and keep refrigerated”.

“KeVita’s probiotic culture may promote digestive health, maintain the immune system, and deliver more active cultures than yogurt”.

Low calorie, Gluten free, Lactose free, Dairy free, Vegan

Probiotic cultures: Bacillus coagulans, L.paracasei, L.plantarum, L.rhamnosus


(back of the bottle)


Stiff Neck Problems

10 Jun

Stiff Neck

Today I woke up with a really bad stiff neck that runs from about half way up my neck, under my shoulder blades, across my chest and all the way down my spine. Not your typical stiff neck but it is one I am used to. I have been dealing with stiff neck issues since I was a child.

The pain has radiated where my Fibromyaglia is always the worst for me and that is in my shoulders and under my shoulder blades. Even though I always have this pain anywhere from a 6-12 on the pain scale all over my body I can feel the stiff neck pain since it is more intense with moving my neck.

I have herniated discs in C-Spine 5-7 so maybe a nerve is being pinched but usually that runs down both arms all the time. This pain is on my left side only. It runs down the left side of my neck, down the left side of my spine down to about the lower back. I have a few different patches on right now, I took 2 flexeril and 2 Norco but that does not seem to be helping take the edge off.

As a child I used to get stiff necks often and they could hit me even while walking. Sometimes it is caused by the way I sleep yet other times it just comes whenever it feels like it.

I remember one time as a kid I had a really bad stiff neck so I took a hot shower to see if it would help. I remember waking up on the floor of the shower and my parents carried me into my bed. I don’t know why it made me pass out.

My lymphs in my lower neck used to fill up and be as big as and as hard as small rubber bouncing balls. If I turned my neck I would get a shock and hear a popping sound. After that my neck would be stiff for a few days. I am not sure if this was Lyme disease related or not but ti sure sounds like it.

These current stiff necks are really annoying and painful. When I turn my head slightly it makes me eyes shut and I make a weird looking face. The stiff neck causes a headache if I turn my head too long.


Dropping Things, Tremors And Movement Disorders

10 Jun

Movement Disorders In My Hands

I have had really bad tremors in my arms and hands as long as I can remember. I can feel the jerking, twitching movement deep into my arms and tissue as if an earthquake is going off in my body. I was once thought to have Parkinson’s disease as I’m sure many of you have been misdiagnosed with.

My doctor when I was 13 said I would live my life looking like Katharine Hepburn with severe shaking. Every time I saw Hepburn in a movie growing up and saw her shaking I was scared to know that would be me one day.

I worked in retail at age 18 and when I would ring up a customer and hand the change back I would drop or what looked like throwing their change back. I cannot count how many times someone asked why I was so nervous. I had to explain to them that it was not nerves. When I do get nervous the tremors are severe.

Over the years I was prescribed pills which should have helped wit the tremors such as Beta Blockers. One doctor thought he struck gold when he prescribe me Beta Blockers. He was so excited and thought he had cured me tremors since he thought my heart and pulse caused the tremors. Turns out they did not help.

My old Neurologist thought I had some movement disorders. I now know that the Lyme, Fibro and coinfections can cause tremors. Now I know I am not alone and that there are so many others just like me in the Lyme community. Shaking and tremors are common symptoms.

For the past 4 years a new problem has come about. Not only do I have the tremors but now I throw or drop things a lot. I will be brushing my teeth and holding the tooth brush and my hand will jerk and there goes the tooth brush flying across the bathroom. I drop my razor while shaving and shampoo bottles go flying in the shower.

When I will nearly knock over something or drop it and go to catch it my tremors/jerks are worse and I end up making a bigger mess. It is like the old instinct to catch say my water bottle from falling over and spilling it kicks in but then my hands do not react the way I want them to.

If I sit certain ways in my chair my fingers will go crazy and shake violently. If I try to touch my pinky finger to my thumb the picky finger will shake rapidly.Holding my arms and fingers out straight, my fingers shake side to side very rapidly. I usually just hold my hands into fists all the time.

I call my hands my idle hands after the movie. In the movie this guys hands have a mind of their own and he cannot control them.

Depth Perception

I have noticed my depth perception is off also. I will reach across a table for an item and end up hitting or knocking over 1-3 other items I thought my arm cleared. I will reach for things and stub my fingers into walls or hard objects. I stubbed two toes last year on different days and broke both of them. I swear my feet were a good 6-8″ away from the objects my toes smashed into.

One of the many reasons I have stopped driving a car is due to my depth perception. I stopped driving from going in to a trance, dizziness, slow reaction time, feeling of movement when the car is parked and the list goes on. I feel depth perception is very important while driving and I am afraid I may hit another car or run into something.

I have bumped my bad knees into tables or chairs I thought were further away. I feel as if I was in a glass shop with delicate china plates an cup I may break a bunch of things. I used to be very precise and never run into things or knock anything over but in the past few years it is increasingly getting worse.


Cure For Lyme? Psssh

9 Jun



Added Samento, Banderol and Pinella

3 Jun

Day One: Samento, Banderol And Pinella

(Update) Week one and I am up to 15 drops twice per day and moving to 20 drops tomorrow. I haven’t been having any big die-off reactions but I have noticed an increase of sweat. I have been soaking the bed more than usual and have been feeling very warm, burning in the forehead and the chills. These are my usual daily symptoms but I do notice and increase in intensity and volume of sweat.

Day one

I have heard so much positive feedback on these three droppers that I decided I would give them a try. I was warned by a few people and by the bottle to only start with one drop. I put 10 of each in some water seprated each by 15 minutes apart and waited a minute or two to drink it. Did this twice today. So far I don’t notice any difference. Don’t do as I do only start with 1-5 drops twice per day.

The Samento and Banderol are a microbial defense. They are said to help break down biofilm and help with cyst form Lyme. The Pinella is used as a brain nerve cleanser. They are all three herbal tinctures. Right now I am using a combo of these tinctures; Lyme Specific Formula, Cryptolepis, Samento, Banderol, Pinella and Dr J’s Allermac. I bought mine an Amazon but you can find them at other online stores. iHerb will ship Samento refrigerated for freshness.


Using Samento and Banderol

Use these drops 30 minutes before any meal and on an empty stomach. I use them right when I wake up in the evening time about 1 hour before dinner and later at night/ early morning 2-3 hours after I have a snack or my late night fats for malarone. Do not take the drop with your antibiotics, wait a couple of hours or take them before hours hand.

Normal doses are 1-5 drops of Samento in plain water (I use a shot glass full) and wait 1-2 minutes before drinking. Then wait 15-20 minutes and and then add 1-5 drops of Banderol to the same amount of water and wait 1-2 before drinking.

You can use these while on antibiotic treatment and I hear that if you are at a plateau where your antibiotics stop working then that is the best time for these drops.Check out the video below for a doctors comments on the droppers.



(Marty Ross MD on Banderol and Samento in Lyme Disease)



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